Building the hardware and software infrastructure needed to drive mainstream Bitcoin adoption.


ABRA is a blockchain-based remittance and global banking mobile app.

The timing is right for replicating the M-PESA model at a global scale and in a decentralized way. ABRA’s mission is to replace bank-driven financial inclusion with user-driven financial inclusion by making cash mobile and through utilization of the Blockchain.

Align Commerce

Align Commerce is the first company to successfully tackle international transfers between businesses using the blockchain, allowing companies an easier, faster, and less expensive option for cross-border payments.


BitPagos is the main fiat-to-bitcoin gateway for Latin American merchants.

BitPagos provides stability and efficient transactions where merchants face high (20-30%) credit card fees, high inflation, and high consumer friction.


BitPesa is a Kenya-based Bitcoin-enabled remittance platform and digital currency exchange.

BitPesa seeks to disrupt the African remittance market by utilizing Bitcoin for its low fees, fast transaction times, and global reach.


Bitstamp is the world's leading Bitcoin exchange.

Established in 2011, Bitstamp is one of the oldest, most trusted and highest volume Bitcoin exchanges in the world.

Brave Software

Brave Software is a new browser that offers incredible speed, security, and a new bitcoin-enabled micropayment system which will ultimately revolutionize content monetization. The browser is the next revolutionary technology from Brendan Eich, creator of the JavaScript programming language, Chief Architect of Netscape, and co-founder/CTO/CEO of Mozilla.

Its web browser offers a variety of security and safety features, like support for encrypted data traffic via HTTPS Everywhere, fingerprinting shields, phishing protection, malware filtering and script blocking, in addition to its ability to block cookies and ads.


Chain is a blockchain application programming interface.

Chain helps developers build Bitcoin apps by providing fast and reliable access to the blockchain.


Chronicled is a blockchain-based consumer authenticity platform.

Chronicled has developed a platform that ensures 100% authenticity of consumer products. Products are tagged, registered, verified, and traded between users via mobile app. The Chronicled platform incorporates smart tags, an open registry, and its mobile app to document and guarantee product authenticity, ownership, and provenance, throughout the lifetime of the merchandise.


Circle is a consumer finance company focused on transforming the world economy with secure, simple, and less costly technology for storing and using bitcoin.

Circle is building a suite of consumer products aimed at enabling greater ease-of-use in online and in-person payments, enhanced security and privacy for consumers, and the convenience of free, instant, global digital money transfers.


Civic aims to tackle the problem of consumer identity theft and reducing online identity fraud.


Founded in 2014 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Ron Hose and Runar Petursson, Coins is Southeast Asia’s leading mobile blockchain-enabled platform that enables anyone, including those without bank accounts, to easily access financial services directly from their phone. Using Coins, customers have access to a mobile wallet and services such as remittances, air-time, bill payments, and online shopping at over 100,000 merchants who accept digital currency. Operating in the Philippines and Thailand, Coins' mission is to increase financial inclusion by delivering financial services directly to people through their mobile phones.


Filament is a decentralized IoT software stack that uses the Bitcoin blockchain to enable devices to hold unique identities on a public ledger. By creating a smart device directory in this way, Filament's devices will be able to securely communicate data, execute smart contracts, and conduct microtransactions.


Korbit is the leading Korean Bitcoin exchange, wallet provider, and merchant payment processor.

Korbit's services are built with cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach.


LaunchKey is a decentralized mobile authentication platform.

LaunchKey provides next-generation login methods that go beyond the traditional, vulnerable password. Some of these include: multi-factor authentication, real-time authorization, identity consistency checking, biometric authentication (retinal scan, fingerprinting, etc.), geographical detection, and physical access control — all simply via users' mobile devices.

Ripple Labs

Ripple Labs created Ripple, an open-source, distributed payment protocol.

Ripple enables free and instant payments to merchants, consumers, and developers with no chargebacks and in any currency.


Portfolio company Xapo offers secure storage of bitcoin using state of the art cryptography and physical security. Xapo also offers consumers a debit card to access their bitcoins.


Zcash is a decentralized and open source cryptocurrency that aims to set a new standard for privacy and anonymity through the use of groundbreaking cryptography.