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Joining Pantera

July 11, 2024 | Mason Nystrom



I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining the investment team at Pantera, where I’ll be helping invest in the founders that are pushing the crypto industry forward. I’m excited about the opportunity to work alongside Paul, Dan, Franklin, Lauren, Ryan, Nihal and the rest of the Pantera team to continue supporting world class founders. 


Why Pantera 


As the first dedicated crypto venture fund, Pantera has been backing founders for over a decade, investing and supporting the top founders in crypto. The Pantera team has made significant steps to drive the industry forward towards mainstream adoption and I’m excited to do my part in helping Pantera shape the future of crypto. And perhaps most notably, Pantera has assembled a world-class team and track record of backing founders building out the future of web3.


Prior to joining Pantera I was an investor at Variant, an early stage crypto fund. Before investing, I spent time as a Sr. Research Analyst at Messari as well as on the operational side as a marketer for ConsenSys and its portfolio companies. 


Throughout my career, from marketer to analyst to investor, I’ve always focused on the application layer of the crypto stack. Because of inherent social coordination principles of crypto networks, I firmly believe that applications in crypto will shape the nature of how people interact, which is why my initial focus at Pantera will revolve around investing in the next generation of crypto apps that onboard tens of millions of users. Still, I’m always open to connecting with individuals building critical infrastructure that will serve the crypto apps of the future. 


If you’re a builder, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at


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