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Investing in Worldwide Webb

March 1, 2023 | Tony Sakich & Harsehaj Singh

In 1999, Nintendo released Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64 platform. A pioneering idea, it was the first game featuring characters from across the classic Nintendo menagerie. In future instances of Smash, characters external to the Nintendo universe would join these first-party characters. Users could finally experience the epic battle between 90’s console gaming mascots: Mario vs. Sonic!


Ever since Smash, gaming has embraced similar cross-universe models. The formula has remained successful even for genres beyond fighting games. 


Crossovers like this have become a staple. But what if you could bring a character or avatar you own to a universe, where you could interact with other unique 1-of-1 NFT avatars of other users?


How about taking your favorite Bored Ape and battling your friend’s Cool Cat? Or how about porting your favorite rare NFT from one game into another universe you’ve just begun exploring?


Enter our latest portfolio investment, Worldwide Webb. With over 200 NFT projects integrated, Worldwide Webb’s upcoming PvP (player-vs.-player) game Blockbusterz makes these cross-universe NFT interactions possible. The Blockbusterz PvP is only the starting point (a proof-of-concept) for what these interactions could look like in the future. 


Thomas Webb, founder of Worldwide Webb, recognized that the benefit of creating a 2D MMORPG-style game is that this particular model allows his team to continue releasing all sorts of creative mini-games, keeping communities engaged, entertained, and delighted at all times – a key factor for any successful Web3-based game.




Worldwide Webb is a browser-based MMORPG with a pixelated, retro aesthetic. The broader game was originally launched in 2020. In the game, players can use their own NFTs in a virtual social space where Web3 avatars and users from different blockchains can connect, interact, and play together. The game bridges the gap between traditional gaming and NFT communities via an ever-expanding catalog of browser-based mini-games, where every player can leverage a unique identity (in the form of an NFT). 


Not only has Webb’s rapid-iteration on game development led to fun and engaging mini-games, but the Worldwide Webb platform has provided yet another channel for NFT communities to enhance engagement and community building. 



We’re excited to see how WorldWide Webb evolves from an MMORPG whose development is centrally-led to a fully player-owned metaverse with user-generated-content dominating the gameplay and community experience. 




  • 100k connected wallets
  • Over 1.2 Million avatars integrated
  • Over $40 million in secondary sales




Learn more about Worldwide Webb at

Play the game here.

Follow the project on Twitter @Worldwide_WEB3.

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