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Investing in Sentient

July 3rd, 2024 | Jonathan Gieg


AI is undergoing a transformative evolution, fundamentally altering how we work, learn, and consume information. However, as AI continues to grow, it faces significant challenges, particularly in terms of centralization and the equitable distribution of its benefits.


Current AI ownership models either restrict access and innovation through closed systems or lack incentives through open models. We believe there is a critical need for a decentralized approach that maintains robust security, promotes innovation, and ensures fair economic incentives.




Sentient is creating a decentralized AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) platform that merges the web3 financial incentive layer with AI development. They are aiming to create a dynamic ecosystem where a diverse array of participants—ranging from those offering storage and compute power to those providing training and feedback—can interact within an open AI economy. This interaction fosters an “intelligence meritocracy,” where contributions are rewarded fairly, and AI models can compose and interact seamlessly without the pitfalls of centralization.


Sentient is looking to address the critical issue of AI centralization by enabling community ownership and interaction of AI models. The platform leverages advanced cryptographic solutions to ensure that AI models can be shared openly while their performance remains contingent on the approval of their communal owners. This approach combines the benefits of trusted hardware with flexible cryptographic primitives, creating a robust foundation for decentralized AI development.


The generative AI market is expected to grow exponentially, from a $40 billion market in 2022 to $1.3 trillion over the next decade. This growth is driven by consumer applications such as Google’s Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which have set new benchmarks for AI adoption and revenue generation. As AI continues to integrate into new sectors, we believe the demand for decentralized solutions like Sentient will increase.


Sentient has assembled one of the most impressive teams in the space. Led by Pramod Viswanath, this all-star team of experts is uniquely positioned to navigate the complex AI and web3 landscape.

  • Sandeep Nailwal – Core Contributor / Strategy and product vision
    Founder of Polygon
  • Pramod Viswanath – Core Contributor / Research
    Princeton Professor, Co-inventor of 4G
  • Himanshu Tyagi – Core Contributor / Product
    Professor at IISc
  • Sensys – Core Contributor / Growth
    Venture studio building products and applications for Sentient
  • Sreeram Kannan – Founding Advisor
    Founder of Eigenlayer


We’re excited to co-lead the $85 million round for Sentient alongside Founders Fund and Framework Ventures as they work towards making the future of AI more accessible, secure, and equitable. 


For more information about Sentient and to explore potential opportunities, please visit

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