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Investing in Morph

April 2nd, 2024 | Jonathan Gieg



In the evolving landscape of blockchain technology, the surge of Layer 2 (L2) solutions marks a pivotal transition—akin to the leap from slow, cumbersome dial-up connections to high-speed broadband internet, as mentioned in our February Blockchain Letter. At the heart of this transformation is the ability of L2 solutions to address some of the most pressing challenges facing blockchain today—scalability, speed, and cost. By facilitating transactions off the main Ethereum chain while maintaining the security and decentralization of the L1, L2 solutions are paving the way for a new era of efficiency and accessibility–especially for consumer applications.


It’s important to note that the advancements we’re seeing today are not just incremental improvements in performance; we believe they represent major leaps towards unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology. 




Morph is an L2 solution, incubated by Bitget, with an ecosystem tailor-made for value-driven applications. The uniqueness of Morph lies in its approach to leveraging Bitget’s ecosystem, including subsidiaries like The Block, Foresight News, and the Bitget Wallet. This strategic synergy ensures that Morph has access to resources, users, and content from day one, setting it apart from its competitors. 



On the technical side, Morph’s innovations such as a hybrid rollup scheme, modular framework, and being the first L2 to launch on Ethereum with a decentralized sequencer, position it as a leader in EVM scaling technology.


At the core of Morph’s team is a group of industry veterans and innovators. Cecilia Hsueh, co-founder & CEO, brings extensive experience as the ex-CEO of Phemex along with a decade in management consulting. Azeem Khan, Morph’s co-founder and COO, was the Head of Impact at Gitcoin and has worked closely with WEF, UNICEF, American Cancer Society, and Shell Oil. Ender Lu, co-founder and CTO, was a core developer for Binance Chain and has a decade of experience in software development. 


We’re excited to participate in Morph’s Seed round alongside Dragonfly, Foresight Ventures, The Spartan Group, Symbolic Capital and more as they continue to build the future of permissionless L2 EVM solutions.


Explore open positions at Morph here and find opportunities across the entire Pantera network here.

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