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Investing in Everclear

June 11th, 2024 | Jonathan Gieg, Lauren Stephanian



As blockchain ecosystems evolve, the ability to easily interact across diverse networks is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. We believe the industry is moving towards an era of chain abstraction, where the underlying complexities of blockchain infrastructure are less perceptible to both users and developers. In this new reality, the primary concerns for developers are distribution, accessibility, rapid deployment, and the security and reliability of the infrastructure they are building on. Users, on the other hand, care most about deriving value from seamless, efficient, and cost-effective experiences. 


That’s why we believe there is a growing need for solutions that bridge the gap between user expectations and the technical realities of blockchain technology. 




Everclear (prev. Connext) has been crafting unique solutions that bridge assets across isolated blockchain networks since its inception in 2017. With each blockchain operating as its own isolated island of data and value, and more blockchains launching seemingly daily, Everclear recognized early on the critical need for robust, trust-minimized pathways that could enable the free flow of information and assets across the blockchain spectrum.


After becoming the first real L2 in 2018 and introducing the chain abstraction vision last year, the team is now proposing a brand new primitive for the space – Clearing Layers. The Clearing Layer is a decentralized network for netting and settlement of liquidity between chains, that solves the fragmentation for modular blockchains. It leverages a sophisticated system of intent solvers and a custom-built optimistic rollup secured by Eigenlayer, which together introduce:


  • Efficient Capital Flows: The Clearing Layers’s unique netting system treats interchain transfers like a balancing act, reducing the need for frequent settlements and optimizing the use of capital. ~80% of DeFi cross-chain transactions can be netted within 24 hours, which directly implies a 5x cost and complexity reduction.
  • Customizable Settlements: By allowing developers to script their settlement logic directly onto the platform, Everclear empowers users with unprecedented control over their transaction terms, making the system incredibly adaptable.

  • Expansive Network Growth: The permissionless nature of the Clearing Layer means any blockchain can connect without barriers, fostering a truly inclusive network that’s as limitless as the technology it supports.




This system allows for the netting and settlement of capital flows between chains, effectively reducing the complexity and costs associated with managing liquidity across diverse blockchain environments. It’s important to note that no single project can achieve the complete Chain Abstraction vision alone, so Everclear becomes the foundation of the Chain Abstraction stack, and are working closely with Near, UniswapX, Socket, Particle and many other protocols.




Everclear is led by an exceptional team of pioneers. Arjun Bhuptani, Chief Researcher and co-founder, was an early Ethereum developer focused on Layer 2 research. Layne Haber, CEO and co-founder, has been building in the crypto space for over seven years and co-created the Moloch DAO, one of the first decentralized autonomous organization frameworks, alongside Arjun. 


We’re proud to support Everclear with a $5 million investment as they significantly enhance how blockchains interact, making them more accessible, efficient, and powerful. For more information about Everclear and to explore potential opportunities, please visit their website

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