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Doubling Down on InfiniGods

April 25th, 2024 | Franklin Bi, Jonathan Gieg



Mobile is the future of gaming. It represents 49% of today’s gaming revenues and has continued to grow market share from console and PC games alike. Mobile gaming reaches a diverse global audience, especially in regions with high digital asset adoption and regulatory clarity such as Southeast Asia and Latin America.


InfiniGods has pioneered solutions that streamline the integration of blockchain technology into mobile gaming, overcoming UX challenges associated with on-chain activities. By utilizing mobile’s rapid deployment and flexible monetization strategies, they can more effectively tap into the fast-paced evolution of the web3 stack. 


With enhanced accessibility and an improved player experience, we believe web3 mobile gaming will see a similar growth trajectory to traditional mobile gaming after the explosion of free-to-play models.




The team behind InfiniGods is a blend of seasoned gaming veterans and web3 experts with a proven track record and immense credibility building in mobile gaming. Damon Gura, CEO, brings a wealth of experience as the founder of DGN Games (sold to Crown Entertainment); CRO Owen O’Donoghue was previously Director of Gaming at Facebook (Meta); Head of Product Trung Trinh led Live Operations at Machine Zone + Scopely; COO Matt Jackson was formerly VP Global PMO at OpenBet; CSO Caleb Smith + CMO Bryan DiSanto lead web3 design, marketing and product integration. We believe the InfiniGods team is uniquely positioned to dominate the web3 gaming space and continue improving on the player experience. 


InfiniGods has created a fully chain-abstracted experience that integrates web3-native features into their mobile title ‘King of Destiny’ and opens up the potential of web3 gaming: user ownership and open marketplaces. King of Destiny builds those features natively into its unique take on the “Luck Battle” genre (the fastest growing category in mobile). Players can participate in an onchain gaming economy through embedded wallets, gasless interfaces, signless transactions, and an open marketplace where they can buy and sell in fiat and crypto. This infrastructure provides players with the opportunity to participate in a new economic layer of gaming, packaged into a familiar experience. 


We’re excited to double down on our belief in the InfiniGods team and the future of web3 in mobile gaming to lead their Series A round, as they transform web3 mobile gaming into a more inclusive and accessible technology platform. If you would like to learn more about InfiniGods, visit their website here.

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