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First U.S. institutional asset manager focused exclusively on blockchain technology.

Since 2013, Pantera has invested in digital assets and blockchain companies, providing investors with the full spectrum of exposure to the space.

A history of firsts

Pantera launched the first cryptocurrency fund in the U.S. when bitcoin was at $65 /BTC in 2013.  The firm subsequently launched the first blockchain-focused venture fund.  In 2017, Pantera was the first to offer an early-stage token fund.

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Assets Under Management




Deals Led (Blockchain Fund)




Early-Stage Token Investments


Invested Capital Outside U.S.

1 Figures are estimated and unaudited as of June 30, 2024

Investment types

Venture Equity

Exposure to equity in companies building products and services in the nascent blockchain ecosystem. Our long standing reputation and technical edge allows us to see virtually every deal in the market, and lead about half of our portfolio company investments.

Early-Stage Tokens

Exposure to new, efficient, and scalable protocols. Similar to venture capital equity, but investing in tokens (not companies) during the private stage at a discount to the listing price.

Liquid Tokens

Exposure to the largest and most liquid digital assets. We use our deep market and technical expertise to trade tokens while exploiting market inefficiencies.

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