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Bitstamp Becomes First Nationally Regulated Bitcoin Exchange :: Blockchain Letter, April 2016

In this month's letter, we're proud to announce that porfolio company Bitstamp, Pantera's first investment, has received a license to operate EU-wide, a first for any Bitcoin exchange or even company.

Ethereum Emerges, Bitcoin vs. “Bankchains” :: Blockchain Letter, March 2016

In this month's letter, we take a look at the basics of Ethereum, an alternative digital currency, that has gained remarkable popularity in the last few months and what implications it may hold for the blockchain industry and traditional finance abroad.

The Governance of Anarchists :: Blockchain Letter, January 2016

In this month's letter, we cover the Bitcoin scalability issue that's recently come to prominence after developer Mike Hearn's exit from the project.

Inflection Point, Bitcoin Price Surge :: Blockchain Letter, November 2015

Dear Community, Bitcoin price has risen 69% from the beginning of October to $401 yesterday. For the first time since November 14, 2014, Bitcoin is up year-on-year. We wanted to share some thought on what may be impacting price’s recent resurgence: Chinese Buying Real-Use Bitcoin Transactions Rising Wall St. Addressing Blockchain Virtuous Cycle Chinese Buying Read More

Greek Crisis, Wall St. Perception Shift, Price Analysis :: Bitcoin Letter, July 2015

Dan Morehead Chief Executive Officer If you would like to receive our research, weekly industry digests, or special updates, please subscribe at Dear Community, Bitcoin’s volume-weighted price on the Bitstamp[1] exchange rose 21% month over month. Year-to-date, bitcoin is off by 13%. GREEK ECONOMIC CRISIS After being stable for several months, bitcoin’s price rose 21% Read More

MoIP (Money over Internet Protocol) :: Bitcoin Letter, April 2015

Pantera led the latest funding round of Align Commerce, a Bitcoin-enabled business-to-business cross-border payments platform. Inside, we provide some context as to why we are focused on the impact of blockchain technology on cross-border payments.

Bitcoin At $270 — Now And Then :: Bitcoin Letter, March 2015

March 2015 Bitcoin Letter

We all know that trying to time the market is nearly impossible. But that doesn’t mean we don’t gripe when we realize we ignored the fundamentals and missed out on a major upswing.

Six years ago this week, the question heading Nouriel Roubini’s Forbes column — and on the mind of virtually every investor — was “How Low Can The Stock Market Go?”

You all remember it. On March 9, 2009, the S&P 500 fell below 700 for the first time in 13 years. Goldman Sachs published a research report warning that it could fall as low as 400, and mattresses all over America reclaimed the role of safe haven. But today, anyone who pulled out their cash in a panic is kicking themselves. That day the U.S. equities markets closed at a new low.

Bitstamp Live, Bitcoin vs. Paper Money :: Bitcoin Letter, January 2015

Bitcoin’s volume-weighted price on the Bitstamp exchange fell 20% in December. Year-to-date, bitcoin is off 57%. Below we provide a debrief of the Bitstamp situation, a thought piece on paper monies versus bitcoin, some interesting numbers about mining power, and a bitcoin price analysis. 12/31/14 Price Change Month -20% Year-to-Date -57% Year-over-Year Return 0.4x   Source: Read More

Bitcoin Letter: November 2014

Bitcoin’s volume-weighted price on the Bitstamp exchange fell 12% in October. Year-to-date, bitcoin is off 55%, although it is still 1.7 times higher than one year ago. Below we discuss the analogy between Bitcoin and the Internet, sidechains, and the recent, welcoming attitude of U.S. regulators towards Bitcoin. INTERNET ANALOGUE   The current $295 million Read More