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Venture Fund II Final Close June 30th :: Blockchain Investor Letter, May 2016

  Dan Morehead Chief Executive Officer Paul Veradittakit Vice President Pantera Bitcoin Fund’s return for April was +8.9%. The fund’s return life-to-date is +539.0%.[1]   VENTURE FUND II – FINAL CLOSING JUNE 30 Several of our portfolio companies have been able to raise funds at around 3x the valuations we originally entered. Portfolio companies like Read More

Bitstamp Becomes First Nationally Regulated Bitcoin Exchange :: Blockchain Letter, April 2016

In this month's letter, we're proud to announce that porfolio company Bitstamp, Pantera's first investment, has received a license to operate EU-wide, a first for any Bitcoin exchange or even company.

Ethereum Emerges, Bitcoin vs. “Bankchains” :: Blockchain Investor Letter, March 2016

In this month's letter, we take a look at the basics of Ethereum, an alternative digital currency, that has gained remarkable popularity in the last few months and what implications it may hold for the blockchain industry and traditional finance abroad.

The Governance of Anarchists :: Blockchain Investor Letter, January 2016

In this month's letter, we go in-depth on Bitcoin's scalability issue, which has recently bubbled into the mainstream media upon the departure of one of the protocol's minor software maintainers.

We clear up many misconceptions, point out the best proposal, theorycraft about the ecosystem's governance model, and ultimately find that the scalability issue is a nice problem to have. Bitcoin will persevere.

Letter also includes portfolio developments, commentary on Bitcoin performing the best among currencies of 2016 and five of the past six years, and more.

“The Chain” Interview :: Wences Casares

In lieu of a letter this month, we wanted to share some of our favorite quotes from Pantera CEO Dan Morehead and Xapo CEO Wences Casares' "The Chain" interview. "The Chain" is an interview series for RealVisionTV, a popular online on-demand finance video channel.

What's really interesting about this series is that each person interviewed chooses and interviews the next, making for interesting conversations. Inside are a few of our favorite quotes from Dan's and Wences' sitdown.

Inflection Point, Bitcoin Price Surge :: Investor Letter, November 2015

In this month's letter, we review what may be contributing to the recent surge in bitcoin price. Taking a look at the ecosystem's fundamentals, it's clear that this resurgence is simply price "catching up " with several fundamental indicators that have been increasing by triple digit percentage points year over year -- in short, it's been a long time coming.

The Death of Paper :: Investor Letter, October 2015

In this month's letter, we feature an in-depth thought piece from Pantera partner Dr. Steve Waterhouse on how blockchain will eventually and completely evaporate the need for apper. Tee blockchain enables wholly digital recordkeeping and formation of contracts (known as "smart contracts").

The “Uber of Global Banking”, The Wall St. Network Effect :: Investor Letter, September 2015

In this month's letter, we touch on how our latest investment into ABRA represents the beginning of the unbundling and perhaps end of banks. Also, we explore the Wall Street fuss about blockchain and what it means in the context of Bitcoin.

Greek Crisis, Fund’s 2nd Anniversary :: Bitcoin Fund Letter, July 2015

  Dan Morehead Chief Executive Officer Dear Investors, The Pantera Bitcoin Fund was launched two years ago today — the first U.S. bitcoin fund. The Fund’s unaudited lifetime return is +277.1%[1] net of fees and expenses, outperforming bitcoin over the same period. The Pantera Bitcoin Fund is the largest institutional investment vehicle for bitcoin. The Fund provides Read More

The Five Phases of Bitcoin :: IBNYC Keynote

If you would like to receive our periodic research, weekly industry digests, or special updates, please subscribe at Pantera CEO Dan Morehead recently gave a keynote presentation for the Inside Bitcoins conference in New York City entitled, “The Five Phases of Bitcoin”. Below is a combination of his speech text and slideshow from the keynote. Read More